What Next? LAND sharks?!?!
Other than bull sharks, which can survive in both saltwater and freshwater, one could understand why a group of fishers were so stunned when they saw a seal being attacked by a shark in the Columbia River.
'Shark Week' special
We took a vacation to the coast last week. Fantastic time! We made a bunch of sand castles on the beach. But when I went to take a picture of one our sand castles, I looked up and saw what I think was a shark!
Great White plays the coast
It has been 26 years since someone has seen or heard of a great white shark along our Washington coast. But one has been confirmed lurking off of Ocean Shores recently.
Human Remains Found Inside Shark [GRAPHIC PHOTO]
The Internet is full of crazy pictures. You know the kind - the ones where you don't really want to see, but curiosity gets the better of you and you click to see it anyways? This was one of those instances. The headline simply said HUMAN FOUND IN SHARK! I didn't know if it was an actual picture or …
How to Survive a Shark Attack – Last Man Standing
Some people (naming no names here) spend an awful lot of time worrying about shark attacks. While statistically, the chance of a carnivorous fish ripping a huge chunk of meat off your body is pretty slim, it does happen on occasion. Most sharks aren’t really interested in human beings, but a few of …