Yakima Valley College Dental Hygiene Program Looking for Patients
The Yakima Valley College Dental Hygiene program is looking for new patients, and if you haven't a teeth cleaning in over 5 years, it might make you the perfect candidate for a discounted cleaning.
The good news is that if you have been feeling a little guilty on your lack of teeth cleaning, this wil…
J.R.O.T.C. in West Valley Spared… For Now
Yesterday, I was alarmed to hear from a couple of KATS listeners that the J.R.O.T.C. program in the West Valley School District was on the chopping block.
There was a tremendous outpouring of support from members of the community at a school board hearing last night to help determine the pr…
Is R.O.T.C. at W.V. Schools D.O.A.?
Yesterday, I received an empassioned plea from a friend asking to protest a decision made by the West Valley School Board.
This morning, during "The Big Show," I got a phone call from a female listener who alerted me to the same thing, saying that her husband was "…