Unnecessary Warning Sign
Some signs make sense, especially where the observer might be enticed to an area or activity that might prove harmful. Signs like "no skateboarding" posted on a parking lot on a slope (the businesses owners could be liable if someone gets hurt), "warning: guard dog" would be usef…
Yakima's Franklin Pool closed out the 2016 swimming season Sunday (Aug. 28) by letting it go to the dogs. Literally.
Closed for repairs
The city of Yakima has announced that it will be closing Lions Pool beginning Monday, (Aug. 8), for three weeks to complete annual maintenance on the indoor facility.
Don't forget nose plugs
This morning on the "Todd & Andy Show" we were mentioning that the near-record forecast high temperature in Yakima today (103 degrees) will challenge the all-time high of 105 set back in 1998.
This can mean only one thing for those of us who can't afford an underground …
Three Cool Pools in the Yakima Valley
We complain all year about how it just isn't warm enough. Now it is warm and we are all complaining about how it is just too much. But the kids need something to do and stay cool at the same time. So take them swimming! Here are three of the top pools in the Yakima Valley.

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