Local Funny = Manic Thunder
You've been hearing about Manic Thunder & Aaron Bennett during the Big Show w/Todd E. Lyons Esq. every weekday morning, now see a snippet of what Aaron does on stage every Friday night with a Shakespearean inspired couch potato scene!
The “Whose Line” of Yakima, Manic Thunder
Home grown comedians of the Yakima Valley, team up every Friday Night to do their thing... and that thing is funny! Check out the video of Manic Thunder to get a taste of what they do, Live Comedy on a Weekly Basis!
Insane Thunderstorm Hits Yakima
Just when I was getting ready to call it a night on Sunday night, my wife pointed out the orange sky. Intrigued, I went outside to check it out and started seeing lightening off in the distance. Like the idiot I am, I pulled up a chair, grabbed a beer and started taking pictures and video.
Local Improv Troupe Celebrates 2nd Anniversary!
Created right here in the Yakima Valley, Manic Thunder celebrated their two year anniversary of Friday Night Improv! Matthew Trickey, Aaron Bennett, Scott McLaughlin, Perry Peltier, Tim Hubert, & Julie Van Horn, the 6 members of Manic Thunder, have been performing every Friday night in the u…
Friday Night Improv Comedy
Wanna see what Timmy did friday night? Just watch the video of Manic Thunder Improv Troupe! The "Whose Line" of the Yakima Valley. This is a game called "Four Square"... only with 3 people.