N.Y. Laughs In Yakima
As heard on "The Big Show" this morning, Owen Straw will be coming from New York and bringing his brand of comedy to the Yakima Laugh Lounge this weekend along with Seattle fave Scott Losse!
So Long, Timmy!
After being on 94.5 KATS for over 16 years, (13 of them at night rockin' the Basement) I've decided to retire from radio ... AGAIN! About a year ago I attempted to hang up my headphones and just be a weekend rocker, but as history and credit card bills changed my path, I took over the midd…
Is This Thing On?
Timmy got to interview the comedians of the "Knock 'Em Dead Comedy Tour," which stopped in Yakima this weekend (April 10-11). They tell jokes and raise money for Childhood Cancer Research. The tour is being filmed for a Netflix documentary and they stopped by KATS to chit-chat…
Timmy's Top Five
Now this list may piss some people off. "Why didn't you include Slipknot and AC/DC?" or "You say you're a Godsmack fan -- how come they didn't make your list?" Well let me tell you what went into my thinking when I wrote this list.
It's Timmy time!
I've been doing radio for 15 years, Improv Comedy for five and being a goofball since I was born. Thirty-three years later I'm going to take the stage solo and see what I can do. Might be the last time I do it solo, might not. We will find out Friday night at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club.

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