Dancing Junk (NSFW)
You know, it's bad when this video is being played for children on Swedish TV, but because of who we are and not wanting to risk offending anyone I have to put a "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) comment by it, just to make sure no one is caught unaware.
Vagina Meth Pipe?!
In another case of "Really? Someone actually did that?", a woman from North Dakota was discovered bleeding from her vagina after a car accident, but not because of the crash. The glass meth pipe she stuck in there had broken.
Cuppacino for Vagina?
You know what they say -- when in Rome, do as the Romans do; when in Hong Kong, get called "Vagina" at a Starbucks.* That must be how that saying goes, because that's exactly what happened to a woman named Virginia who was visiting Hong Kong recently, and she wasn't too h…
High School’s New Sculpture Looks Like a Giant Vagina
Wasilla Alaska is known for having a lot of snow on the ground, being the hometown of Sarah Palin, and now– having a giant birth cannon outside of it’s local high school.  Well, the sculpture is actually entitled “The Warrior Within,” but murmurs of “Dude, that looks like your mom’s meat wallet” can…