Veteran's Day

Front-line learning
History has always been one of my favorite subjects. I hated learning the dates of things, but exploring the past has always fascinated me. My favorite part of history is learning about our military and all of the different wars that we have been in...
Yakima says thanks
Bundled up against the chill and squinting in the sun, crowds lined up for 12 blocks along the Veterans Day parade route Wednesday in downtown Yakima.
And they weren't disappointed.
Marching bands, classic cars, dignitaries and numerous representatives of the U...
Where the 'E' came from
Veterans Day is, obviously, today, but, more importantly, it's about remembering those who served. Many are no longer with us.
I'd like to share a couple of men whom I will especially be thinking of. In fact, they are the men who put the "E" in Todd E. Lyons.
Never forget
Veterans Day is Wednesday (Nov. 11).This is a fantastic day and my favorite holiday. It is to remind Americans who has kept us free all of these years.
What Is Your Favorite Holiday? [POLL]
Holidays are sometimes over rated if you ask me. Christmas is cool but it has lost the reason around it. My children's birthdays are much more important than the lights and presents that we see during Christmas.

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