Veteran's Day

Veterans Day. Honoring Heroes. What You Need to Know.
Wait! Before you lose yourself in the cares of the world, and before you get lost in the mire of discordant political and social discourse, or the mundane pursuit of pumpkin spice lattes, allow me to remind you, if need be, that here in the United States of America, Wednesday, November 11th is Veter…
Front-line learning
History has always been one of my favorite subjects. I hated learning the dates of things, but exploring the past has always fascinated me. My favorite part of history is learning about our military and all of the different wars that we have been in...
Yakima says thanks
Bundled up against the chill and squinting in the sun, crowds lined up for 12 blocks along the Veterans Day parade route Wednesday in downtown Yakima.
And they weren't disappointed.
Marching bands, classic cars, dignitaries and numerous representatives of the U...

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