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10 Ridiculous Myths About Washington That People Seem to Believe
As a lifelong Washingtonian, I have become familiar with many Washington State-related facts over the years. Other than the slim chance of being a contestant on a game show someday where those facts might come in handy, my insider knowledge doesn't do much good. One exception might be helping those who are not familiar with Washington State separate facts from fiction. Heaven knows there are plenty of misconceptions about the Evergreen State, even some downright myths that really need to be busted.
What Are The 4 Things We Don’t Do in Washington State?
We Washingtonians do a lot of things. With a population that's as diverse as our climate and topography, there is simply no shortage of things to do, that we do. We ski, swim, fish, hunt, recreate, drink beer, drink coffee - oh how we drink coffee - climb mountains, stroll through the desert, grow hops, learn, pray, protest, listen, work, eat - oh how we eat.
5 of Washington’s Most Famous Celebrities. Who Are They?
Washingtonians have much to be proud of. Known as the 'Evergreen State', there certainly is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes within these borders. Everything from arid desert to seaside beaches to snow-covered mountain peaks, wooded forests, fertile farmlands, and rushing rivers, Washington has it all...

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