Hold On Tight!
My first question is, how in the heck did they make that lighthouse in the first place?  These guys in the video really do take their job seriously.
Farm Bill Cooperation Has Farmers Union President Hopeful
National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson is hopeful the spirit of cooperation that led to the passage of the bipartisan appropriations bill will continue through to the farm bill. Johnson says the omnibus spending bill and its accompanying report language is far from perfect
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Filter Works So Good It Can Get The Water from Coke
Water filters are great. They filter out most of the bad stuff to give you a better, cleaner water. Perfect if you're using tap water or well water. There have been other filters like those life straws where you can drink straight from dirty ponds and such which I'd still be afraid to try. This guy …
Amphibious Motorcycle Is Like A Jet Ski On Wheels
Let's say you live in a flood zone, near the beach or next to a rising river. Water can sometimes be a problem — and not just because you have to pee. Well, not if you have this vehicle:
While it's not exactly a crotch-rocket or a Harley, the amphibious Honda motorcycle featured in th…

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