Keeping KATS cool
The thermostat is never set right for anyone here at Townsquare Media. I always have it on cool at our station. If it gets too cool, then I have to switch it off for a few so I don't freeze to death.
Shut Up!
People get distracted at work for many different reasons.  Several surveys have been done about what distracts a person at work. Some get distracted more than others. Letting yourself get distracted, however, could cost you more than just your mind getting distracted. Once you figure out what t…
Throwing (away) a tantrum
There's a lesson to be learned if you over-stuff your garbage can ... you might just get more thrown away than what you intended. Check out the video to see what I'm talking about!
Swearing At Work
All of us in radio do not use really rough language over the air. It really isn't because we can't it is because it just sounds bad!
Want More Paid Time Off Work? Move to France!
Do you ever feel like you are overworked and underpaid?  Well, if you live in the United States, you probably are getting shafted when it comes to vacation days and paid holidays - at least, compared to the rest of the world.
8 Mistakes Not To Make On The First Day of Work
The first day of work sucks, if we can be forthright. Everyone knows this. At least, most people who have worked before do. Usually you’re nervous; you’re sweaty; you’re overcompensating for what you believe to be overtly obvious weaknesses and insecurities. It’s an abhorrent nightmare that we all h…
5 Jobs in Yakima That Have Awesome Perks
I love working in radio. I've got to meet celebrities, I've shook hands with all of my favorite bands, I get hooked up with concert tickets. Working in radio certainly has its perks as does many other jobs. When I worked at (the now closed) Video Update on 24th and Nob Hill I got all the f…

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