We have seen the skies and depths of Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone of The Elder Scrolls Online, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

The Elder Scrolls Online's first post-launch content update will take you to Craglorn, which is designed for veteran parties of four and raid parties of 12, in order to introduce massive, raid-like dungeons for groups to explore and clear. Craglorn has a main city where you can make parties (don't bother trying to solo Craglorn content, bring a friend), but once you head out into the world you will encounter Delves, which are mini-dungeons specifically catered for groups of four that feature boss encounters and chances for epic loot.

Groups of 12 who are geared in the best gear available can attempt to do Trials, ESO's version of large-scale raiding which includes environmental challenges along with complicated boss monster encounters. On top of this, Trials also have a limited number of wipes along with an overall time limit. If your party dies, the timer takes a hit as well. Those who break your server's time limit record will receive additional rewards on top of the drops they normally would encounter.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently out for PC, but ZeniMax Online Studios is also hoping for its Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases to happen sometime in June.