There's a new list out of the best-selling beers in the U.S. and while you're blowing the froth off of a couple with your "buds," you can compare and contrast the latest crazy results on America's favorite suds.

*Bud Light is the most popular beer by FAR. It did $5.2 billion in sales last year, which is more than double the runner-up, Coors Light.

*If you've seen a Miller Lite commercial recently touting the fact that it's only got one more calorie than Michelob Ultra, here's why: Michelob Ultra actually PASSED Miller Lite as the No. 3 beer in America.

*Modelo Especial is the fifth-best-selling beer in the country, thanks to an 18.9% jump in sales. It even outsells Budweiser, which came in sixth, and Corona, which is seventh.

*Maybe the most surprising beer on the list, though? BUD ICE. Ahh, Bud Ice, which is apparently still on sale?  It was the 16th-best-selling beer in America, with $317 million in sales, beating out beers like PBR and Blue Moon.

Courtesy PBS
Courtesy PBS

In a completely unrelated story, other than it's more about beer, Busch Light is celebrating fall latte season by releasing "Busch Latte" in the Midwest ... it's the same beer, but it says "Latte" instead of "Light" on the packaging. It's their tongue-in-cheek tribute to old coffee ads.

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