Texting and driving is a dangerous thing to do, but like most people, I still use my phone while driving using my bluetooth.

I listen to music using my RadioPup app to tune into KATS when I am out of range down Highway 97 going fishing in Lyle. The sync control for phone displays pretty nicely in some newer Fords, but my aftermarket stereo in my Chrysler are pretty basic.

Legislators over in Washington freaking out about texters are talking about making it illegal to even hold your phone in the car.

Now look, I get that folks have lost loved ones to morons crossing lanes, plowing through crosswalks, etc. but at some point the laws to curb a few incidents make life miserable for the rest of us.

People who are distracted by phones are going to be distracted by many things anyway. I have seen people reading paperback books, the newspaper, doing eyeliner, jerking off, all while driving down the road with the rest of us.

My point is, making it a crime to even hold your phone is overkill. People are going to do stupid crap that gets themselves and others killed. Trying to legislate behaviour never works.

Legislators in some state are trying to make it against the law to walk and text because morons among us are walking into traffic.

So are we going to really start going that route?

Well, personally I love watching folks trying to win the Darwin Award.

For example, folks that think barriers at national and state parks aren't meant for them.

Take this story for instance: In California, Placer County Sheriff's Office posted to Facebook to warn other not follow the example set by a woman and a group of her friends from the Sacramento area.

Those girls were walking on the girders underneath the Foresthill Bridge despite signs warning them not to do so, which according to the post was also, "in violation of Placer County Code 12.04.190 and Penal Code 602." The female attempted to take a selfie and fell from the girders landing on the trail nearly 60 feet below.

Well, our only solution to this problem must be to BAN ALL SELFIES.

Seems practical.

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