Now this list may piss some people off. "Why didn't you include Slipknot and AC/DC?" or "You say you're a Godsmack fan -- how come they didn't make your list?" Well let me tell you what went into my thinking when I wrote this list. These are the albums that I actually bought, sounded different/fresh than what I'm used to from the artist, didn't just "sit there" and I enjoyed every track, never having to skip a certain song.

Some of the albums that came out were really good, I felt ... except I got tired of one or two of their songs. Nickelback for example. Too many ballads on their "No Fixed Address" album. Therefore, it didn't make the top five.

I love Godsmack, but honestly, the "1000hp" album didn't sound like anything new. In fact, my favorite song on the album was a bonus track called "Life is Good" that I got when I bought it at a certain store.

So if you don't see your favorite album as one of my top faves of 2014, it might not mean I didn't like it, it just didn't have all the things that these five had for me. Let's face it, lots of great music came out this year from the likes of the ones I mentioned above and Seether, Weezer, Sevendust, Powerman 5000, Fuel, Lacuna Coil, BLS, Linkin Park, CoC, Theory of a Deadman, Rise Against, EPs from Offspring and Reel Big Fish etc. Different stokes for different folks. And here's what stroked me the right way!

HONORABLE MENTION: Green Day -- "Demolicious": This is just a collection of demos and a new song released for Record Store Day on April 19. It's on the list because the tunes are good, even in demo form, and the fact that I paid $10 for a CD that is now going for over $70 on eBay, you can't beat that.

Demolicious - Amazon

No. 5: Patton Oswalt -- Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time: I love standup and all things comedy! Patton is a pro, and when it comes to album releases, he does not rip off the fans. This album came out on April 8, plus it came with a DVD of the show!

Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time - Amazon

No. 4: The Pretty Reckless -- "Going To Hell": What can I say ... I love Taylor Momsen. Great voice, great songs, amazing band ... and the full body shot in "Heaven Knows" didn't hurt either. I've listened to this CD so much ever since I got it on March 12.

Going To Hell - Amazon

No. 3: Foo Fighters -- "Sonic Highways": This Nov.10 release is simply ... epic! The HBO documentary about the making of it could not even do the full album justice!

Sonic Highways - Amazon

No. 2: In This Moment -- "Black Widow": Just released a little over a month ago on Nov. 17, I just cannot put this album down. Maybe it's the song lyrics, the hard-hitting rifts, or that Maria Brink is so perfect in every way. I don't know! I just know it's awesome!

Black Widow - Amazon

No. 1: "Weird Al" Yankovic -- "Mandatory Fun": I'm not going to lie ... I'm biased. But this album fits everything I stated above. Not to mention Al got his first No. 1 spot from this album when it was released on July 15. It also has put him in the record books by making him, Madonna and  Micheal Jackson the only artists to have top 40 hits in the '80s, 90s, 00s and 10's. I've loved the guy since I was 3 years old, I've met him twice in the past, and this year for the album's release I was lucky enough to interview him. Check it out below.

Mandatory Fun - Amazon

Any albums coming out in 2015 that I'll love as much as these five? We will just have to wait and see!