I searched for the most searched words when people are looking for YouTube videos and came up with these:

Music (236 Million)
Minecraft (44.3 Million)
Movies (17 Million)
Drake (12.2 Million)
Beyonce (13 Million)
Frozen (11.7 Million)
Happy (58.7 Million)

Soooo, Todd and I wanted to see how many views we could generate by cynically just including all of these terms in the title. What you see in the video is a look behind the scenes of our morning show that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any of the terms in the title -- except for the word video. Enjoy!

Source: The Most Searched keywords on YouTube: Music, Minecraft, Movies http://www.reelseo.com/most-searched-keywords-youtube-minecraft/#ixzz3pypdHjWy
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