Another 'Bucket List' item crossed off for yours truly last night.

Iconic songwriter/musician Steve Earle and the Dukes came through Yakima on the "Low Highway" tour and played the Capitol Theatre.  I took my dad as a belated Father's Day present as he and I have come to know and love Mr. Earle's music dating back to around 1996.

Following the show, Mr. Earle and his band joined fans in the main foyer of the Capitol, signing autographs and posing for pictures. Having had the opportunity to go backstage for countless artists, I always wait until everyone else has had their opportunity to meet the artist. Last night was no exception.
I bought a tour T-shirt (which included the Yakima date) and went to the end of the line.  Like most starstruck fans, I don't really remember what I said as I was shaking his hand.  I do remember that the kindly gentleman operating my camera phone had a helluva time getting it to work ...  while we stood ...  And waited. Frozen. For what seemed like forever. 
I began to apologize, as I'm quite sure Mr. Earle and the band were ready to call it a night and I didn't want to monopolize any more of his time.  I mean, the guy had just played his ass off for the last 90 minutes.

I said, "Oh, well. I still have the memory." But Earle immediately rejected that thought and said "No, man.  It's OK."  And I then got photographic evidence that I personally met one the few musicians I refer to as "The Man."                                                                

Highlights of the concert itself for me included "Copperhead Road" and "Billy and Bonnie" as well as a near-end-of show jam that I tried to capture on video (see:below)

And yes ...  I have a crappy phone.

See you out on the Low Highway.