The four Yakima Bike Nights we whipped up (with help from Owen's Harley-Davidson, along with Sea Galley, Hoops Bar & Grill, Mickey's Pub and Jack-son's Sports Bar) were all tremendous successes. I'd like to thank everyone who turned out each week!
It was awesome getting to see all the different types of motorcycles and the creativity on many of the custom jobs, but even cooler was getting to meet so many people.

Bobby Panatex and his wife Mattie  (pictured on the right) were kind enough to let my 10-year-old son Drew hop on their Harley and get a feel for what it is like to ride during our final Bike Night at Jack-son's this week. Since I don't own a motorcycle or ride myself, this was definitely a unique experience for him that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to provide.

Do they make a 'onesie' that says "Baby's First Motorcycle"?

At first, Drew was afraid to throttle it, but when he finally "hammered" it,I think you'll see by the humongous smile on his face that he enjoyed it!