The phrase "drinks are on the house" has never been so literal.

Watch as this guy in Australia with no fear of heights -- or the risks that come from ingesting rust or Frenching a gutter -- chugs a beer poured down a roof by friends because friends always have your best interest at heart.

The beer flows like a toxic river down the shingles and into his parched, soon-to-be diseased mouth. If you're guzzling beer off a roof, you may have a drinking problem. It's the most impressively daring drinking session since this Bills fan held onto his can.

This could even be considered gateway behavior -- you start shotgunning beers off the roof and the next thing you know you're doing tequila shots off a urinal cake and working up a hunger that can only be satisfied by eating a cheeseburger that's lying on the side of the road after having been run over by a speeding car.

There's a classic story that Ozzy Osbourne once snorted ants off a Popsicle stick. Perhaps his spirit animal resides Down Under.

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