President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged Monday to improve relations under the North American Free Trade Agreement, but stressed they were mostly satisfied with the status quo.

Trump has pledged to renegotiate or end NAFTA, which he has called “the worst trade deal in history, but indicated most of his displeasure is with Mexico, the third partner in the 22-year old trade deal.

Trump did not offer any examples of what he says needs “tweaking,” but the U.S. dairy industry is asking for specific changes.

A major farm group’s insurance company is prepared to offer dairy farmers a new risk management tool.

American Farm Bureau’s John Newton says it’s called Dairy Revenue Protection and essentially offers farmers protection on their revenue from milk sales.

Newton tells Brownfield the program is similar to how its company insures crops.

Newton says Farm Bureau is surveying dairy farmers for their suggestions and their experience with risk management tools.

South Korea has reported six cases of foot-and-mouth disease in the last week.

South Korean leaders report both the O-type and A-type strains of the disease have been found.

The South Korean agriculture ministry announced Monday that more than 12-hundred infected cattle have been slaughtered, but add the impact on their beef and pork supply is limited.

The country is also dealing with a bird flu outbreak that required culling 33-million farm birds.

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