Northwest cherry harvest is over and cherry growers shipped close to 21 million pounds of fruit this year, big sizes and excellent quality being the norm. The Washington state 2016 apple crop forecast at just under 133 million standard forty pound boxes of fresh apples. It’s a lot but less than the 2014 record crop that was just under 142 million boxes . Still it’s up about 15% over the 2015 crop .

Time Magazine reports that China is running out of farmland to feed it’s growing population:“Faced with this growing crisis, the Chinese Communist Party has been taking drastic steps to safeguard the nation’s food security. Significant acquisitions have been made overseas, including Australia’s largest dairy, over 324,000 hectares of farmland in Argentina and soybean-processing plants worth several billion dollars in Brazil.”

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturer's ,July tractor sales were down 14% compared to the same month last year. Combine sales were down 16% for the month. And combines for the first seven months showed a decreased 22%.