Did you know that it's National No-Selfie Day today? If you did know, did you abide by the order of the day or did you go rogue? If you didn't know, did you inadvertently violate the rules? Either way, I won't rat you out, Frankly, I'd applaud your daring disregard for some made-up day of No-Selfies. Can you imagine that world?!

In the age of social media and cameras on phones and our obsession with sharing a minutia of details of our daily lives with our friends, both actual and cyber, we're not surprised by much of what we see anymore. One thing we're very willing to post on our respective pages is pictures of the food that we eat.

Sometimes it's the food we've made and sometimes it's the food we've enthusiastically accepted at a restaurant. We want to show off our creations and boast about the delectable treat we've been served. On the other hand, maybe we don't enjoy seeing others' photos of food. Is it as annoying as seeing endless vacation pictures of places we didn't get to go? Or are we happy for our peeps and inspired by what they've shared with us?

Being a bit of an amateur foodie, I must say that I enjoy the pics that I see posted. I can get great ideas from such posts, and after all, if it doesn't look appealing, I don't have to spend time looking at it or eating it for that matter. Here are just a few pictures from friends who shared food pictures with me of some interesting creations. All Washingtonians, though some of these dishes were enjoyed elsewhere.

Food By Facebook Friends


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