Scientists at Washington State University have concluded it's actually GOOD to argue in front of your kids.

The reason is children can tell if you're hiding something and so you're teaching THEM to repress their feelings and emotions. It can be very confusing when they know something is wrong, but the parents profess otherwise. Kids can detect "emotional residue" from their parents if they hide something.

Displaying healthy conflict in front your children leads to kids being more well adjusted. Parents who keep things bottled up and refuse to talk about openly about their emotions could be damaging their offspring, the scientists have discovered.

Mom and Dad, are you aggravated, stressed or angry? Then show it! Research shows kids have a better relationship with their parents when the elders show genuine emotion and conflict resolutions.

Seven to 11-year-olds become "less responsive and positive" to moms and dads who suppressed negative feelings, the study of 109 American parent-child pairs found.

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