Not all states are created equal when it comes to the requirements required to be a "best place to raise a family".  The fun folks at Wallet-Hub have come out with the list for 20121 so I went right to work looking to see how Washington showed in the rankings.

I expected a top ten finish and I wasn't wrong . The Evergreen lady came in at a very respectable number #8 overall.  How did they reach that conclusion?  In their words, "WalletHub’s report analyzed the 50 U.S. states in five categories, which were broken down "across 52 key indicators of family-friendliness," including family fun, health and safety, education and child care, affordability and socio-economics."

So now you know, so what?   Well, if your kids or grandkids are thinking about starting a family, this is the kind of information they might need.  In fact, when thinking about the prospect of a family supportive environment, some may want to consider making a move to a different state when the pandemic looks to allow it.

So Washington being at number 8, maybe your kids will stay and have their kids right here!  One thing that did jump out at me is the strength of the state of my birth.  If you listen to the Morning News you have likely heard be brag about North Dakota.  As I write this, it 4 degrees in Bismarck, ND with an expected low tonight of minus 14.  So, North Dakota may lose a point or two on weather but ..."North Dakota is third on the list and stands out for being ranked No. 1 in socioeconomics and No. 2 in education and child care. The Peace Garden state tied at No. 3 for the highest median family income and most affordable housing. Other notable marks include its No. 7 ranking in health and safety and No. 14 ranking in affordability." 

Would you trade an extra blanket or two and a space heater for those kind of family considerations?  Just think, your grandson could turn out to be just like me!!  No?  Ok, top 10 -Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, WASHINGTON, Connecticut, and Utah.

The bottom five include some of the usual suspects of Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, Mississippi and New Mexico.

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