Being a Mayor I get a lot of different requests, some of which I gladly accept. For example, a 4th grade class was assigned a project. They were to write a letter to the Mayor and offer up proposal for a zoo in Yakima.

I read through 30 different proposal and choose a winner. The students still would have done this project and been graded by their teacher, where it gets fun is having me as the Mayor actually read them and choose one and then show up at their classroom to present the winner a certificate.

I get to interact with the students and take this project to a whole new level. Now, I wish I could take credit for this idea but the Teacher, Mrs. DeBoer, is the one who contacted my office and I agreed to read them and come and present.

Kudos to great teachers like Mrs. DeBoer who want to make the students have a memorable project. I can't wait to present the winner next week!

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