Every so often they do research on just about every subject. I'm always curious to see if Yakima comes into place on any of those lists and cheerlead when it does in a positive manor. When I saw Wallet Hub list the top 150 most educated cities I was expecting Yakima to fall further down the list. As it turns out, it didn't even make the list.

Source: WalletHub

They lump Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue as one in at 8th place. I think that's totally decent.
Even Vancouver, Washington is lumped in with Portland at 16th.
Spokane including Spokane Valley comes in at 46th which honestly isn't bad. Better than others, I suppose.

The most educated city according to Wallet Hub is Ann Harbor, Michigan. Here's hoping if we try harder we'll at least make the list next time.

Stats like quality of education and education attainment went into this list.

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