The number, placement and amenities at City Parks can really affect the quality of life for city residents.  The availability of Parks and Recreation is often considered by companies considering moving their operations to a new community.  Yakima is conducting a review and City leaders would like to hear from you about what you like, don't like and wish we had in terms of Parks and Recreation facilities and programs.

To that end, a survey designed to provide guidance and direction for City of Yakima parks facilities and recreation programs over the next decade has been mailed out and should be arriving in mailboxes this next week but not everyone will get one.

It's called the 2021 community survey, and it's being sent to 5,000 randomly-selected households as a key part of the information that will ultimately be used to update the Parks and Recreation Division’s Comprehensive Plan.

You can check out the survey here -  2021 Community Survey | Yakima Parks and Recreation


Yakima Parks & Recreation Survey QR Code

If you get one in the mail you'll have until September 1st  to return the survey. As an added incentive, coupons for free swims at Franklin Pool, a free round of golf at Fisher Park Golf Course and punch cards for free activities at the Harman Center are included in the survey packet.

The survey will only take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and its available in English and Spanish.  Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson says, “The comprehensive plan helps us determine how best to use our resources to provide the kinds of facilities and programs that the community wants most...the survey is an excellent way to gather feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, that will lead us to craft a plan that will serve us well for the next 10 years.”

The survey is not only a good idea, it's also good business because in order for the City to be eligible for grant funds through the Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office, the survey is a must.

I-person surveys will also be conducted at the Franklin Park Summer Sunset Concert series on July 9th, Downtown Yakima Farmers Market on July 11th and July 18th, as well as Viva La Musica concerts at Miller Park (July 11th and July 18th) and Martin Luther King Jr. Park (August 1st and August 8th). Staff will distribute free golf, swim and Harman Center punch cards while conducting the in-person surveys.

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