When one of the greatest guitar players of all time talks, we listen! Vivian Campbell!
Vivian was interviewed by Radio Metal and mentioned plans for a new album coming up in 2011.
It's our intention in 2012 to make another studio album and hopefully we'll lean a little bit toward the rock side of the spectrum." Campbell then addressed the idea that some fans would like Leppard to make an album akin to High 'n' Dry. "I mean it's our intention to try and get back some of the flavor, but I think it would be wrong to try and make an album that sounds exactly like High 'n' Dry," he said. "What was really good about High 'n' Dry was that it really showcased the influences of rock. But that's only part of the influences of Def Leppard.

"The band is also very melodic in terms of our influences and many people would say that the real Def Leppard sound was from Pyromania and onward. There was a fusion of [these] rock elements and the pop sensibilities. That's always been what we tried to achieve when we write songs and go to the studio, to balance these two elements. There's a percentage of our fans that really want us to just get back to the rock thing and we're very aware of that, but I don't think that's the majority of the Def Leppard fans."
Def Leppard interview from www.Radiometal.com