So, I was grabbing some food from 7-11 today. Large Pepsi and a couple of hot dogs since they were two for three dollars but these chips caught my eye. 'Hot Dog' flavored potato chips. I do like chips, but do they really taste like hot dogs?

Answer: Yeah, kind of!

At least I think I do. While the normal human would only buy one, I buy two because I don't load my hot dog up with a ton of chili, cheese, onions, tomatos, relish, ketchup, mustard or anything. I like my hot dog as plain as plain can be, with the exception of maybe cheese so long as it's solid, not the liquid cheese they have at 7-11 which, by the way, tastes awesome but too messy if I'm eating on the go.

These hot dog flavored chips taste like a loaded hot dog so when you bite into the chip which has a similar texture and style of a Ruffles, you taste the flavors of mustard, relish and other toppings anyone else puts on their hot dog. They're worth a try for only 99 cents but next time I'll just grab the original flavor.