Faultline began with an idea created by Chad Carlson and Max Snider. Prior to Fault Line,
Chad had played bass with Broken Road and guitar with Shelter also known as STR. He left STR
in January of 2010 and contacted Max Snider on April of the same year, a strong local rock
vocalist, and asked if the two of them could get something together, of which they agreed.
They spent months with open try out sessions and solicitations to find the right blend for
the Modern Rock sound. The band came together in with Jason Emmons at the end of September
and Matt Fasano in the first part of October. All of the guys write material, play multiple
instruments, and sing, but with this band, the belief was that each member is an equal and
powerful contribution. Each member has their own essential role and no one member duplicates
that same role. The seperations in sounds, range, etc. has created a distinct modern rock
sound unto itself. The process of writing involved everyones input and diversity to create
not only a distinct and great sound, but also each song is its own with no similarities to
the other songs. They believe that they are to entertain and bring listeners something that
hits home. Fault Line is a true home run for music.