Ever since I was a kiddo by mom and dad always had the flag on our car! I really didn't even think twice about it.  I had no idea at the time, that it was something most people didn't do. It was just second nature to me and my brother.

After 911, I didn't take my flag off for a long time until someone stole it. I don't like thief's but they took my American flag and if they used it for a good reason then I was fine.

I was headed to work this morning and realized that I did not have my flag on the car. I flipped my butt around and went and got it from home! I didn't give a crap if I was late for work.

It was much more important. I asked a few people that I know why they didn't have the flag on there car and most of them just said they haven't bought one yet.

I don't know, maybe I am a brat but I think on this day everyone should put one on there car or out there front door or where ever they can to show how proud they are to be an American!

On this day as well, it is The United States Army's birthday! They were formed June 14th 1775! Exactly one year before our great nation was born. The Army had a hand in that for sure! If you see someone who serves our country in anyway please stop, shake there hand and thank them for what they are doing! Be proud to be an American!!