In the first Metal Gear Solid, there's a scene where you're caught by Sniper Wolf who decided to make you her prey and allows you to live... for now. You then get cold cocked with the handle of a gun and wake up in Ocelot's torture room, or 'interrogation room' as he puts it.

Once you're left alone with Ocelot, he even tells you what to do. Button mash to regain life, 'Select' will make you submit and, breaking the fourth wall, he says, "Don't even think of using Auto-Fire or I'll know." meaning that if you try to use a controller that has turbo fire it won't work. He tortures you a few times in a row. Keep mashing that button to stay alive! Never give up! You're being tortured in this game and they're torturing you in real life. Your poor forearms will feel like hamburger by the time you get past this scene.