I think everyone who has a child, at some point, displays their kid's creativity in the family art gallery - which also doubles as the refrigerator - for all to see. My six year-old son, Drew, is a regular freakin' Pablo Picasso, as you'll soon find out.

  • Open letter to Matt Hasselbeck

    As the son of a huge sports fan, my boy has clearly been influenced. As a result, the day former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck signed with the Titans, the mood in our house was a tad melancholy. I think Drew summed up our sentiment with his caricature of the signal-caller (anatomically incorrect) and, for those who have a difficult time deciphering kindergarten-ese, his farewell ode: "It is sad you had to go away but I will still remember you." Sweet words from a sweet boy who, wisely, neglected to include the final tally of "F-bombs" his dad dropped when watching Matty throw an ill-advised pass or get sacked out of field goal range. For the record, it was 1,253 "(expletive deleted)!"

  • The R3VOLution is alive and well

    I have gone to great lengths to indoctrinate my family, friends, hell... anyone who'll listen, on the message of Liberty espoused by Texas congressman Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is running for President for the third time (1988, 2008, 2012) and our home is easily identified by the numerous campaign yard signs in support of his candidacy. Not to be excluded, Drew fashioned his abstract art version of such a placard and now, when one goes to get a snack or lovely beverage from our icebox - BAM! - they're smacked up side the head with a heaping helping of non-interventionism, free markets and civil liberties!

  • Christmas List - version 1.0

    Parents have long used the spectre of Santa Claus and the "naughty list" to help them forge their child's behavior. Because St. Nick is referenced from time to time throughout the entire year, there is an awareness that gifts are imminent and as the year begins to wind down, the first round of toy requests are submitted. Of course, between now and Christmas day, they are highly subject to change. Here is the boy's first list for 2011. Try to guess which of his parents influenced him the most regarding his wish list (Hint: Justin Bieber doll and new shoes are clearly not from me!)