Leona Marie is one amazing guitar player! 

Leona Marie "Leo"
Jaggedy Entertainment LLC

Jaggedy Ann is an all girl rock band with an explosive stage presence and a powerful hard rock sound! The band was formed in 2002 by Leona Sharpe, who was inspired by one of her previous bands and who had the vision to start Jaggedy Ann. Sharpe explains, “It took over 2 years to find the right chemistry, and it was a huge achievement to find four very accomplished female musicians who have what I call The Entire Package: skill, stage presence, drive, dedication, and last but not least, looks that kill”.

From the very beginning this project was developed from a passion and love for music. The band now consists of Gayla Dawn, with her sensual and powerful voice, Leona Marie, AKA “Leo” on guitar with her crunching Angus Young inspired sound, Manis Blue on bass,known for her commanding stage presence & powerful plucking style, and Lindsay Jacobson, she may look sweet but not when she attacks the drums. Each member comes from a different musical background and together they are four very diverse, skilled, dynamic, and talented ladies that call themselves Jaggedy Ann.

Their album is called “Boiling Point”, and was produced by Phil Rudd, drummer of the legendary AC/DC. Their songs are described as raw, aggressive, and sexy. Their performances have been described as being “estrogen-induced” and “energy to the bone”, with ripping guitar solos and an explosive stage show! Jaggedy Ann is like a kiss of dynamite! These ladies are jaw dropping, electrifying, sexy, and will leave you wanting more! So catch your breath, and get prepared for an experience you won’t ever forget!