KATS cares during the holidays and Christmas trees are the last thing on your list when you can't afford much! So, KATS teamed up with Santa Clause and The Holiday Cheer Christmas tree lot at 56th and Summitview  to get your Christmas tree and wooden stand taken care of and we did! Here are the winners!


I went and delivered the Christmas trees yesterday and it was pure joy! Everyone that received them were so grateful! The smiles on there face and the story's the told me warmed my heart. It was the greatest Christmas gift that I could give!

Here are some of the photo's from our winners!

'If you can make someone happy with something as simple as a tree then the world will be a better place!' ~Lisa and Mykel H






Email Kelly West at KellyWest@townsquaremedia.com and let us know your story or someone you knows story! We will pick one who we think are most deserving of this amazing gift and get the trees and stand delivered right to the door!

We will be awarding 15 lucky listener's who are most deserving!

KATS cares and we want to help! Happy Christmas!