A recent study done in the U.K. shows, surprisingly, that 62% of men turn down sex more often than their female partners.

The study was conducted by ukmedix.com and asked over 1,900 men over the age of 18 who were in long-term relationships.

The majority were asked what their top reason - or, 'sexcuse' - was and "too tired" topped them all with 45% of those saying they rebuff their lady's advance more often than they do.

The next most popular "sexcuses" were:
* "Stressed out about work" (39%)
* "Headache" (33%)
* "Too full from eating" (29%)
*"Something on T.V." (24%)

Some of those reasons given actually were smokescreens for the "real" reasons men did not want to get it on with the top being "lack of body confidence" and "low sex drive".