We just moved into an amazing home! Perfect land, excellent view, out of the way secluded and lots of sage brush! And with lots of sagebrush comes snakes! Lots of them.I read on line some of the ways to snake proof a back yard.  I am taking some of those precautions that is for sure.

• Putting up fencing where the kids will be the most. Clearing out the sage brush is a must because snakes love hanging out underneath most of the stuff.

• Most people think that snakes just love hanging out on a rock and getting really hot. I am here to tell you that they may like getting hot but I think when they reach a certain temperature they find something cool to go under or on.

• It is important that you teach everyone how to take care of a snake bite if it happens. Avoid them and don't freak out when you do see them.  They see by the heat of there surroundings. Most of the time Rattlesnakes and Bull Snakes, which is what I have in my back yard mostly, are scared of humans. So they are more likely to slither away from you!

With all that said, I have ran across 15 so far and they were right in my path. So my tip on snake proofing your back yard is to take them out.

My pellet gun had served very useful in this situation. The shovel is a good tool and a rake. Once I saw them in my way they really didn't stand a chance.

I suppose I could eliminate all of them but that might take a while so I am just taking out the ones in my path!

Bottom line is they need to find another place to live!

Disclaimer: Snakes did get hurt in the making of these photos!

Some photos taken by Bubba Prater and Sean Sheffelhimersmitt!