The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks were honored by President Barack Obama at the White House on Wednesday.

Earlier today, Super Bowl 48 Champion Seattle Seahawks were received at the White House.  President Obama was most closely flanked during his remarks by Earl Thomas, former Wide Receiver Golden Tate (who did not seem to be enjoying himself), Doug Baldwin, Kam Chancellor, Michael Robinson, Percy Harvin, Malcolm Smith, Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell.

The POTUS made mention of Russell Wilson's freshly shorn head as well as pointing out that he is just the second African-American quarterback to ever lead his team to a Lombardi Trophy, yet the media didn't make mention of that.  He said that omission displays that race is becoming less of an issue in America.

Barack Obama also highlighted the "Legion of Boom," Marshawn Lynch's absence (making note that he could use some tips on how to handle the press!)  Also singled out for comment were Doug Baldwin and his umbrage to being described as "pedestrian," Derrick Coleman's deafness and Richard Sherman's upbringing.  The fans were given a nod when the president made mention of not one but two Guiness World Record's for crowd noise.

Head coach Pete Carroll spoke next.  He began by saying, "Thank you, Mr. President.  I can't believe I'm saying that!"  Carroll also informed Obama that if he ever needed some special forces that the "Legion of Boom" was just a phone call away.

The 13 minute-plus ceremony ended with Richard Sherman presenting the Chief Executive with a blue 12th Man flag.

Watch the entire presentation by clicking here