Your Best Years Are Behind You By Age 7 [VIDEO]
I am one of those who feels like I am still young. Even though I have aged drastically and have children, I do not feel much different than I did when I was 25. But according to an article in this morning's Washington Post, we probably shouldn't trust our perceptions that much.
The Greatest Mini-Golf Putt of All Time [VIDEO]
Talk about turning something negative into a positive. This poor chap ended up in the water. As they say, "you have to play the ball where it lands." This water hazard happens to feature a water spout. What happens next is truly amazing.
The Most Memorable Plays in Super Bowl History [VIDEO]
Jonathan Daniel/Andy Lyons/Rick Stewart, Getty Images
The Super Bowl is the largest spectacle in American sports. Football players who succeed on its grand stage are forever remembered. Here are the 20 most memorable plays in the history of the Super Bowl:
Joe Montana to John Taylor: Super Bowl XXIII