Trade Concerns with China and Another Ag Secretary Name
Chief Ag negotiator for the office of US Trade, Representative Darci Vetter wants the playing field with China leveled for American farmers.
The Obama Administration has accused China of failing to meet its World Trade Organization market access commitments for rice, wheat, and corn and recently issu…
Wheat Farmers Cheering Trade Action Against China
Census Bureau data released last Thursday showed median household income in non-metro areas of the United States had increased by 3.4 percent in 2015 and poverty rates had fallen. Given the data New York Times headlines called Rural America beginning to rebound, citing rural counties added more than…
Normally you'd see this type of thing on your afternoon talk show like Maury Povich or Jerry Springer, but nope, this is real, and happened in China. A baby girl born in 2010 with two tumors in her abdomen, was actually was pregnant!
3D Porno Hits China [VIDEO]
3D Sex and Zen is causing quite a stir in China. It's being promoted as the first 3D porno. Unfortunately for mainland China, pornographic films are blocked or at least censored. How people get their 3D fix is by traveling in packs to Taiwan or even Hong Kong (which I guess doesn't count a…