Ironic Barry Bonds Autographed Baseball Card Being Auctioned
In a comical and ironic twist, a 1987 Donruss baseball card of notorious steroid abuser Barry Bonds has surfaced and is being auctioned off on E-bay for $100,000.
What makes this card have such perceived value?  Probably because of the inscription Bonds scrawled above his John Hancock.
7K Tons Of Pot ‘Left’ In Ocean
Potheads are known for being forgetful, but someone took the stereotype to the extreme, leaving 7,000 tons of marijuana valued at $3.6 million just floating off the coast of Orange County, California.
Kid Tried To Rob Drug Dealer, Crashed His Car [VIDEO]
Ladies and gentlemen, meet your douche of the day. This punk kid got the great idea to have his drug dealer hand him the 'goods' first. Then, instead of giving the dealer the money, he would drive off with both his money and his drugs. I bet this dumbass didn't think that the drug dea…

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