Batgirl Vs Mr. Incredible
In the big city there are two types of costumed heroes... those that stand on street corners and wait for people to come to them, and ones that go "on patrol"... but when turf is crossed... it's a gang war the type that only Chewbacca & Waldo can take care of...
Woman Loses Dress in Epic Cat Fight [VIDEO]
This video has so many things going on with it, it couldn't possibly be scripted. There's a cat fight, someone loses their dress, a cool looking motorcycle, someone wearing a centurion helmet and the list goes on and on.
If any of those interest you, this video is tailor-made just for you.
Minor League Hockey Fight Turns Into Epic Bench-Clearing Brawl
With the NHL officially back, it appears that minor league hockey will once again be taking a backseat to the professional league. They are probably a little upset and this video might be proof.
Over the weekend, an American Hockey League game between the Grand Rapids Griffins and the Rockford IceHog…
Watch the World’s Largest Snowball Fight
Just last week, nearly 6,000 people gathered in Seattle, Washington, to set the world's record for the largest snowball fight ever put together. The event was held during the city's "Snow Day" and went well into the night, proving that being pelted in the face by freezing…
80-Year-Old Woman Fights off Robbers With Mangoes
It should’ve been another boring trip to the market for 80-year-old Otilia Martins, who was doing her shopping at her son-in-law’s New Bedford, MA store Friday afternoon.
But things took a turn when two gun-wielding thugs burst in and demanded money from the cash regis…
Man Fights Goose Using Lightsabers [VIDEO]
There was a video not too long ago of some kids getting video of a man fighting off a goose with a rolled up piece of paper. Well, that was boring. Now, add the most realistic looking lightsabers you've ever seen in your life - now THAT's a video worth watching!