Lift your NFL Smile with this video!
We are all sad about the what happened yesterday with Seattle and Dallas ... we won't talk about that anymore. But let's try to find some funny in the NFL that does not involve elevators with this video courtesy of Bad Lip Reading!
Football Schadenfreude [NSFW]
Nowadays, everything is so heated -- politics, religion, SPORTS.
It's good to know which side you stand on in any situation ... even if you're surrounded by the enemy! Get a good laugh out of this guy who is very happy, when no one else is...
NFL Player Penalized For Praying
In last night's Monday Night Football game in which Kansas City rocked New England 41-14, Chiefs player Hussain Abdullah was penalized for "unsportsmanlike conduct" after intercepting a Tom Brady pass and returning it for a touchdown.
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire Blog: ‘Throwback Thursday’
I love the concept of “Throwback Thursday” and seeing all of the vintage pics on social media sites.
Personally, I think it says a lot about a person who is willing to share, in many cases, photos of themselves that they might otherwise consider embarrassing. It&CloseCurly…
OKC Seahawks??? I Don’t Think So!
With the Seahawks fresh off their first Super Bowl win, a local Oklahoma Brewery is now selling Seahawks t-shirts. Only they don't say Seattle Seahawks but that of "OKC Seahawks." Mustang Brewing Company out of OKC posted a photo of the shirts that they would be selling as wha…

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