Have You Bought A Gun In The Last Year? [VIDEO] [POLL]
I am a firm believer in the United States Constitution. It is unfortunate that people really do want to change it.  Our forefathers put a lot of thought into the writing of the U.S. Constitution for a good reason -- it's for our protection as United States citizens. The constitutional righ…
On my way this weekend from Bale Breakers (Is Field 41 the best beer in the world or what?) to the Fresh Hops Ale Festival I snapped this pic at a stop sign. Can someone explain to me why a muffler center has a gun for a sign? Yeah I get it's called Bonnie & Clyde but the only thing I c…
Brushing Teeth with a Gun
In case the thug life has indoctrinated you so much that you need to keep your teeth as sparkly as your bling, at least DON'T USE A GUN TO DO IT! Just watch this kid, and please be smarter than him.

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