Lake Stevens Kids Found In Run Down Feces Splattered House, WTF
First of all, I just wanna say that if I know kids are being mistreated I will not hesitate to go directly to the cops. I do not care if anyone knows that I did it. When kids, animals, elderly people or our veterans are concerned I will go to any length. With that said, one woman did. Thank God she …
Fart Joke Sends Teen To Jail
Harold Wayne Hadley of Mississippi is your typical 19-year-old boy. He likes sports, action movies, and, of course, fart jokes. Although considering how much trouble a fart joke got him in, he may like those a lot less now.
Chronic Masturbator Sues To Gain Access to Porn in Jail
Kyle Richards, a prisoner awaiting sentence on a bank robbery conviction, claims he suffers from chronic masturbation syndrome and needs porn to manage his affliction.
And since the 21-year old isn’t being provided access to pornography behind bars in Michigan’s Macomb…

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