Anyone In Need Of 19 ‘Gently Used’ Police Batons?
In my search for mid-century modern antiques I comb a lot of internet sources, including PublicSurplus.com which auctions off items no longer needed by local, state and federal governments, school districts, etc. So this morning I open up my email and I see that the city of Everett is auctioning off…
Hate Groups Still Exist In Washington
The Southern Poverty Law Center has put together a map of hate groups throughout America and even though we consider our state pretty open and accepting, hate groups still lurk in the dark corners.
Ellensburg’s Got It Going On
I love walking around downtown Ellensburg. Cool old buildings, restaurant's and shops. If it weren't so far away from work I'd love to live in one of the lofts above one of those downtown establishments but the drive (especially in the winter) can be brutal and I have a 2001 Nissan Al…
What If Washington Were Its Own Country? How Big Would It Be?
Washington is a pretty big state -- 71,297 square miles, as a matter of fact. And it includes plenty of room for the people in eastern Washington who have muttered for years about spitting off from the west side and starting their own state.
But why stop there? What if they started their ow…
The 71 Best Things About Living In Yakima
Some folks from the Westside and in the Tri-Cities have unfairly ripped into the Yakima Valley and we think it's a pretty damn awesome place to live. So we compiled our list (with help from our listeners) of the 71 best things about living here:

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