Van Halen cancels there concert dates and I am assuming it is because they are fighting with Prima Donna David Lee Roth. UGH! Interesting how the media works. If someone doesn't like something about a song, band or movie ect, that person, being noted as a media critic, gets to say "Ya or Nay" and then all of the people in the world kinda follow suit. First of all, Van Halen is my favorite band. Hell I even have Eddie Van Halen's Guitar tattooed on my left arm along with Zakk Wylde and Randy Rhodes.  So with all of that said, the critics pick what they like and what the don't like.  Van Halen is a great band and they did amazing things with David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. However, they did not get along.  They did, however, get along with Gary Cherone and did some awesome work with him. Like I said I am huge Van Halen fan and love all of there stuff but some of Eddie's best work is on the cd with X- Extreme lead singer. Van Halen 3 is an outstanding cd but they were not excepted as a band with him because of the critics. Personally all of those who didn't like it can shut up. I want Gary back so they continue to play and tour and make kick ass music.  As far as I am concerned any body could sing with them and I will still buy there music and go to there concerts! HA Check the video out and turn up the Guitar and then decide!!!