Vinnie Paul thinks it is very disrespectful for anyone to even think of wanting to resurrect Pantera.

HELLYEAH / ex-PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott is featured in a new interview with the Russia-based Darkside webzine, along with Hellyeah vocalist Chad Gray. An excerpt is available below:

Q: I have read some speculations online regarding the possibility of you ever re-creating PANTERA without Dime. I don’t know what triggered these speculations, but what do you have to say to these people?

Vinnie: "It’s ridiculous. Dime was such a huge part of it; it would be just completely asinine to even consider that. I think it’s pretty disrespectful from people to even suggest it. He left an amazing legacy and it’s gonna be left untouched, it’s beautiful, it’s pristine and I wanna leave it that way. I am really proud of what I do with this band (HELLYEAH). Of course the history of Pantera speaks for itself. I want him to always be known as ‘the dude’, you know. Period. Forever."

Q: Yeah, but the comments I have read were actually criticizing you as if you have ever said that this was possible.

Vinnie: "No no, I have never said this was possible. Not me. Might’ve been some other clowns that used to be in that band, but not me (laughs)." (story from