This is a great video on Brick Stone's part with the Westboro Baptist Church. The whole lot of them are not sure who should go to hell (like the Sandy Hook Children) and what the word 'Gay' really means! How they both of those subjects got in the same video I will never understand. They are two completely different subjects. However, I do believe in the 1st Amendment and 'Freedom Of Speech' so I guess they have a right to there opinion but they really have no idea what they are talking about.

When the women in the video says that the children from Sandy Hook are going to Hell that pissed me off. I can not believe that she thinks that those sweet children that were killed by a maniac are going to hell!! UGH!  And she says that a three day old child is going to hell! I am beside myself on how they can come to that conclusion.

This video is funny but when she says that, if you are a normal person, then you will be as pissed off as I am!

Also the Westboro baptist Church is also against veterans and those who are serving our country. I believe that somewhere in the bible it talks about