If you are a parent, you have more than likely had to face the daunting decision of taking your child into a public restroom.

Luckily for me, I have a son so it is no big deal.  Not so much, however, for my wife.

Like many others, dads have to take their young daughters into the men's room and moms must take their young sons into the ladies' room.  Or, let them go in by themselves if they are big enough to get the job done.

Eventually, we all get to the point where going into the restroom of the opposite sex is no longer appropriate.  I can't remember when that was exactly for me.  Probably sometime back in 2008.

  • What is that age? Is it the same for boys and girls?
  • Have you ever told someone that their kid was too old to be brought into the opposite sex's bathroom?
  • Have you ever asked a random person to take your daughter into the women's room or vice-versa?
  • Does a restroom even exist these days that still doesn't have a diaper-changing station in the men's room?


What Age Is Too Old To Take Your Kid Into A Public Restroom For The Opposite Sex?