If you have ever attended a concert or sporting event, undoubtedly you have been hit with the initial sticker shock of how much a beer will cost you.

At Seahawks games, a cup of suds will run you $8, which is a bit higher than the average N.F.L. draught  which is $7.28.

San Diego and Buffalo are the most expensive at $9, while Cleveland and Cincinnati are the cheapest.  See the rest of the N.F.L. here.The Seattle Mariners, according to this chart from www.SaveOnBrew.com, have some of the cheapest in all of Major League Baseball but I concur.  I have been to dozens of games at SafeCo Field and have yet to see a beer at that price.

While we don't have an N.B.A. club, here are the average prices around the league which are a bit cheaper than their football counterparts.

When you crunch the numbers, you can expect to fork over about $7 for some frosty goodness.  When you figure that you can get a half case of 12 oz. bottles for around $15, is it any wonder people binge drink before games and smuggle alcohol into the stadiums?